I am Lalit Kumar

CEO Pyranic Learning,Web Developer,Web Designer,Writer,Always a Learner

Name: Lalit Kumar

Profile: Full Stack Developer

Email: lalitkumar@pyranic.com

Github: Github.com/lalitofficial

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/lalitofficial


HTML 85%
CSS3 75%
PHP 70%
Python 90%
About me

A Full Stack Developer proficient in web development, Animation, Project Management, Writing, Teaching and always Curious to explore. Considered a keen SEO bug, Created sites which rank higher, look better, work smoother and Earn the most.

I have a hand settled experience in WordPress Advance Level development. Custom Plugin, and custom theme development, Block Development and Customization of each and every aspect of the site.

Have a dynamic work experience ranging from a small team to professional work, Developed (Scratch) the WordPress CMS (Custom Theme, Plugins, SEO) using Advance Technologies (for aiforkids, hackisfun and Pyranic learning)


I have a dynamic work experience, I can provide the required services from the following domains.

Web Development

I have proficiency in Web Development. PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, WebPack, Node, MD, Python (Django), and more 35 in the list of used technologies. Full Stack Web Development from Scratch.

Web Design

Web Designing from scratch for WordPress sites, static site generators (Hugo, Jekyll etc)

WordPress Dev.

I have been doing advance WordPress development from years now. Many Professional projects like, Pyranic.com, aiforkids.in, hackisfun.com etc (From Scratch to Complete)

Hugo CMS

I have built many web themes in HUGO CMS and developed fully functional sites attached with remote file system (ex github) for websites with professional workflow

Graphic Design and Video/Audio Editing

Hands Settled Experience in Infographics, Charts, Animations, Video & Img Editing, effects, audio/voice editing etc

TOOLS (Premiere pro, After effects, Ch Animator, Audition and Audacity, Canva, Lucid Charts etc)

Web Extensions Dev.

I can develop extensions for chromium based browsers, One of my extension of google meet, ranked "1" for months (14K+ users). Did personal projects, would like to serve professionally.


Experienced in developing websites, web applications, mobile applications, and other web-based solutions. Experience matters to me. Explore my portfolio to see what I have done.